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Full-time employees are expected to devote their time to their assigned duties and responsibilities on a full-time basis. Permission to engage in external consulting or other outside employment may be granted in accordance with regulations and rules adopted by the system and the employing member as long as all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Permission to engage in the employment is requested and received prior to the time the employee accepts external employment;
  2. Activities related to the external employment are not reasonably expected to interfere with the regular work of the employee;
  3. The employee complies with all applicable laws and professional standards of conduct, including conflicts of interest standards;
  4. The employee certifies that research performed in connection with the external employment will be conducted in an objective and scientific manner and in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the employee’s profession; and
  5. The member uses an approval process for consulting or other outside employment related to a faculty member’s field or discipline that is adopted in accordance with the regulation developed under Section 3.

Request and Approval

For information about faculty external employment and consulting contact the College of Engineering Dean's Office at 979-845-6210.