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A young woman works in a laboratory.

About the Regional Divisions and Affiliates Building relationships and enhancing research opportunities statewide and beyond.

Since 1979 the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has established partnerships with universities and two-year colleges, built on the commitment to collaboration that extends beyond the laboratory to solve real-world problems.

Regional Divisions

TEES partners with universities and community colleges in and around Texas to encourage collaborative research efforts.

Through strategic collaboration, TEES creates action plans to pursue extramural funding within the six thematic cluster areas of research: materials and manufacturing, energy and power, infrastructure, autonomy, national security and healthcare.

Each year, representatives from TEES regional divisions come together to expand the research capacity in the State of Texas by tapping into the talent of the TEES network and forming collaborations that compete for seed funding at the end of each conference.

Commitment to collaboration

This network supports TEES’ commitment to serving the State of Texas through research, workforce development, and commercialization and entrepreneurship. TEES is proud to work with these institutions of higher education. By building and nurturing relationships with our academic partners, we continue to assist in increasing their research capacities and enhancing research experiences for undergraduates.


TEES Network

We develop joint centers that address the needs of a region of the state, support multi-institutional research teams to compete nationally/globally.

We produce and conduct continuing education and professional development to enhance the workforce needs of the state.