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TEES researcher adjusting equipment in research facility

Transforming our world

For more than 100 years, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has improved lives through engineering- and technology-oriented research.

Who We Are

Our Mission

TEES aims to produce and transfer the highest quality, relevant engineering- and technology-oriented research. We work to enhance and support educational systems and interdisciplinary fundamental and applied research. Through commercialization, we turn research and development activities into useful applications and business activities.

Work With Us

Our Strengths

TEES is a state research agency that solves problems through applied engineering research and development and collaboration with industry, government and academia. As part of The Texas A&M University System, we are connected with world-class researchers and facilities throughout the Texas A&M System. Our dedicated staff helps to quickly turn ideas into results.

Crosscutting Strengths

We partner with industry, communities and academic institutions to improve the quality of life, economic development and educational systems of Texas.

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station researchers perform cutting-edge research to provide practical answers to critical needs.

We work with the Texas A&M College of Engineering to provide innovative solutions. Partner with us to join forces with the A&M System's brightest minds.

Our researchers have access to some of the nation's most technologically advanced research and testing facilities.

TEES was established on Aug. 25, 1914, to conduct engineering research to help build a better society.

Meet the team driving our success. Their renowned expertise provides a significant advantage for our partners.