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An alternate work location (AWL) arrangement allows an employee to perform job duties remotely at a location other than a primary workstation designated by the employer. An AWL may be utilized when the arrangement mutually benefits the needs of the employer and employee, increases productivity, and enhances service capabilities. Employees in good standing and whose job duties and responsibilities are suitable for working remote may request to participate in either a fully or partially remote.

Considerations of participation address business need, use of accrued leave, confidentiality, safe and secure remote workspace, performance standards, and enhanced service to customers. An AWL provides flexible work arrangements for positions.

  • When the work is conducive to it.
  • When it can mutually benefit the Engineering Enterprise and employee in achieving work deliverables.
  • When the work performance can be appropriately monitored.
  • When it does not result in a significant additional financial cost to the division.

Key Points

  • The business needs of the department/division will remain the priority.
  • Managers and department/division heads may request, with advance notice, an employee work on site on a remote day to meet business needs.
  • Remote work is a privilege not a right.
  • Remote work is not a substitute for child or elder care.
  • All new requests for employees working in an alternate work location outside the State of Texas will require approval at the Vice Chancellor for Engineering level. This situation should be avoided unless the hire or retention is deemed critical.
  • All current approved AWL requests outside the State of Texas are grandfathered. and will be reviewed annually to align with the start of the fiscal year.
  • A new hire that includes any type of AWL status requires approval before the offer is extended and the AWL situation should be documented in the offer letter.


  • Alternate Work Location: a location other than the primary workstation as designated by the division or agency.
  • Full-Remote Work: a designation of an alternate work location allowing the employee to fully perform the employee’s job duties away from the primary workstation.
  • Partial Remote Work: a location-flexible arrangement, allowing employees to combine onsite and remote work. This arrangement may or may not be in response to a business need.

Request and Approval Process

  • All staff requests for a full-remote or partial-remote AWL are to be submitted through Workday.
  • Faculty requests for an AWL will be coordinated through Engineering Faculty Services.
  • The staff request process includes information outlined in TEES SAP 33.06.01.E0.01 and an assessment questionnaire.
    • Supervisor reviews and conducts an assessment of the job duties, business needs and the employee’s performance.
    • Division Head reviews for staff employees and approves or denies based on business needs of the division.
    • Engineering Graduate Program Office (For graduate students/fellows only).
    • Ethics and Compliance (if needed).
    • Engineering Human Resources & Payroll.
    • Vice Chancellor or designee.
  • Continuation will be addressed during the annual employee performance evaluation.
  • Approved AWL requests will be reviewed for renewal at the end of each fiscal year (Aug. 31).
  • Requests to continuation an approved AWL is to be resubmitted prior to Sept. 1 for a Sept. 1 implementation.

Request and Approval Forms

Contact Information

Refer questions to Atina Adair in Engineering Human Resources & Payroll at or 979-458-7699.