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Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) performs research and leverages expertise from universities, national laboratories and state and federal agencies to improve lives through basic and applied engineering research. Our collaborations result in cutting-edge solutions to global technical challenges.

Why Choose TEES?
researcher examining asphalt core sample

TEES supports initiatives that solve problems through applied engineering research, technology development and collaboration with industry.

We support the state's workforce through education and training opportunities for every stage in life.

Market Segments

1,412 research projects in 2023
$284M in TEES research awards in 2023
535 industry partners in 2023

Who We Are

Applied Research

TEES has the capabilities and flexibility to meet the applied research needs of industry, government and academia through multidisciplinary and multi-institutional connections.


Mission Driven

TEES is chartered by the State of Texas to execute the land grant mission as an independent research and development agency serving state and national security needs. We are an equitable partner that serves as the catalyst for stronger solutions.

Crosscutting Strengths