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Evaluation Period

  • Conduct Evaluations: April 1 - May 31
  • Review Period: 12 months from previous review

Performance Information

Reviews will be conducted in Workday by each manager.



  1. As a reminder, all employees are required to be evaluated annually. A performance review is essential for documenting employee progress and to help verify that the employee is aware of the expectations of the job. Typically if an employee has been in their position for at least three months, there should be enough of an evaluation period to document progress. Therefore, all employees hired before March 1, should be evaluated by May 31.
  2. For employees hired between April 1, and May 31, supervisors should meet with the employee to:
    • Review position description
    • Determine goals and objectives
    • Discuss any questions or concerns the supervisor and/or employee would like to address
  3. Evaluations are required on the following:
    • All non-faculty employees - part-time and full-time
    • Working retirees