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Access to various systems and platforms to perform human resource and payroll related tasks is coordinated through Engineering Human Resources (HR). Access to some systems requires completion of certain training requirements prior to access being granted. In addition, HR and Payroll provide training on the functionality of the system as well as the processes, policies and guidelines associated with certain tasks.

Single Sign On Departmental Administration

The Single Sign On (SSO) system is The Texas A&M University System’s one point of entry for a variety of online applications. The role of the departmental administrator includes resetting SSO passwords and assisting with DUO devices.

TrainTraq Departmental Processor

Assign trainings in TrainTraq and monitor training compliance for division employees.

Suggested report: Course assignments, Excel layout: ability to view list of employees with past due assignments and which courses are coming due.

Workday Roles

Absence Partner

Focus on absence business processes and can approve time off and leave processes, adjust accruals and time off, and run reports about employees on leave.

Suggested reports: 

  • Accrual time off adjustments and overrides – returns accrual and time off adjustments and overrides for selected organizations within a specified period of time.
  • All worker time off – review all the approved, pending and denied time off requests for your workers; recommended to be run weekly
  • Approved time off – view all the time off approved for specific employees for a specific date range
  • Leave results for worker – leave results for a worker for a specified date for specific leave types such as Family and Medical Leave ACT (FMLA) and parental
  • Time off balance for terminated employees – returns time off balance for terminated employees.
  • Workers on leave – provides a list of all employees for a specific supervisory organization who are on leave in a defined date range. This includes leave type, total days (estimated), first day of leave, and estimated last day of leave
  • Workers returning from leave — provides a list of all employees for a specific supervisory organization who anticipate returning from a leave of absence in the specified date range; this information is based off the estimated last day of leave

Required training:

  • Leave Information for Supervisors (TrainTraq #2113158)
  • FMLA and Parental Information for Supervisors (TrainTraq #2113159)
  • Comp Time Issues for Supervisors (TrainTraq #2112755)

HR Contact

Manage many HR processes at the department level. These include hiring and onboarding business processes, job and compensation changes and terminations.

Suggested Reports: View all positions – View all active, filled and vacant positions within a specified supervisory organization

Required Training: HIPAA-benefits partners and HR users (TrainTraq #11009)

Form I-9 Processor

Assist employees with Form I-9 completion.

Suggested reports: Re-verification reports will be provided to divisions by Engineering Human Resources.

Required training:

  • HIPAA for Benefits Partners and HR User (TrainTraq #11009)
  • HR Liaison: Form I-9 and Guardian (TrainTraq #2114043)

Recruiting Coordinator

Focus on recruiting business processes at the department level.

Talent Analyst

Coordinates performance evaluations and assists with talent processes at the department level.

Suggested reports: Performance review process (all) - Most recent event will allow you to see in-progress performance reviews in your organization.

Required training: None

Time Keeper

Payroll focused role with access to run bi-weekly and monthly paycalc reports and enter time on behalf of employee.

Suggested reports: 

Pay calc results for a period – run each payroll to check overtime, percent effort, salaries and accounts. Also, run with filter to see who is not being paid.

Cost Allocation Reports – reports to show the status of funding sources for workers and positions

  • Missing cost allocation
  • Cost allocations for position restrictions
  • Workers cost allocations

Time and Effort

Assist principle investigators and managers with the time and effort certification process, manages the administrative verification process.

Other Access

Access to Aggiebuy, Canopy, FAMIS and MAESTRO, including the role of cost center approver in Workday, is coordinated through TEES FAMIS Security