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The streamlined hiring process eliminates the need to print and sign various forms. The hiring division, as well as the prospective employee, will complete requirements through various secure sites including Workday and the links provided below. Divisions supported by Central Human Resources will work closely with their contact throughout the hiring process.

Initiate to Hire

Submitting the Initiate to Hire (I2H) process triggers an email to the prospective hire, with a copy to the hiring division, and provides a link to the secure pre-onboarding site. The prospective hire will be asked to provide information needed to complete UIN set up, background check and Form I-9 through this secure site.

Initiate to Hire Form

Submitted by Hiring Division or Central HR

Employee Onboarding

Payroll forms, Form I-9 and other employee related onboarding steps are processed within Workday.

In addition to your division specific onboarding, to introduce new employees and show them the ropes, faculty and staff have an opportunity to meet with representatives of Engineering Human Resources during their designated onboarding session. An invitation will be sent from Engineering HR to the new employee with information about their session. The list of onboarding dates is available from the Onboarding Calendar. The division specific Onboarding Checklist is a guide to help prepare in advance for the new employee’s arrival.