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It is the goal of Engineering Human Resources and Payroll to be a partner with hiring supervisors and divisions from the beginning to end of the hiring process. Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) and the Texas A&M College of Engineering have a commitment to hiring the best and the brightest, and employment decisions are made with this commitment in mind.

Position vacancies are posted online through Workday. Individuals not currently employed by a member of the Texas A&M System will apply through the external application site, whereas current employees of The Texas A&M University System may access the "Career" worklet found on the Workday homepage.

Employment hire dates have been established as the 1st and 16th days of each month, and Onboarding with Engineering Human Resources and Payroll is held on or close to hire dates.

Additional Recruiting Efforts

In addition to the online site, vacancies are posted with the Texas Workforce Commission. To increase a qualified, engaged applicant pool, the division and hiring supervisor may wish to broaden the postings further through placement on other job websites. Please coordinate with Engineering Human Resources and Payroll to ensure that postings include required language and link the applicant to the A&M Engineering jobs website to apply.

Engineering HR and Payroll has a Talent Acquisition Specialist who can help hiring managers source, recruit, and hire the most qualified individuals for their positions through a variety of recruiting methods. If interested in utilizing any of the following services, please contact them through

  • Job evaluation
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening candidates
  • Candidate recommendations
  • Interview coordination and assistance
  • Reference checks
  • Employee engagement

Training and Assistance

Members of our recruiting team meet regularly with hiring managers to review Engineering’s recruiting processes and best practices. Once a meeting has occurred, the hiring manager then completes TrainTraq course #2114718 (Effective Hiring Practices Acknowledgment) acknowledging their understanding and expectations of the hiring process.

Military Liaison

For information about military veterans resources, contact our military liaison, Allie Prejean at 979-458-8198.