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Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Aggiebuy, Canopy/FAMIS, Maestro

Note:  If you are in need of FAMIS/Canopy or AggieBuy assistance other than security request and security access issues please email TEES FAMIS Help.

FAMIS/Canopy and AggieBuy

EN-UAR – FAMIS User Access Request:  This form is used to designate or remove access for FAMIS (Purchasing, Departmental Budget Request, Departmental Correction Request, Employee Payroll Action, and Property and Transfer of Departmental Property Requests), AggieBuy, Citibank and iPayment.  Submit approved EN-UAR or you may use the FMO-805: Financial Systems Access Request.

EN-EOR – Electronic Office Request:  This form is used to approve the routing paths of FAMIS documents in a department that are routed for electronic approval and electronic signatures. Submit EN-EOR.

EN-860 – Department Table Maintenance:   Email this form to Tees Famis Security.

Mentor Program 

A mentor is required for a user to gaining entry access to FAMIS/Canopy or BAM (Buy A&M) purchasing systems be on file prior to formal training.  A mentor provides purchasing module training and assistance for the user.  A mentor needs to review the Mentor Program Guidelines and agree to abide by them.

Delegation of Signature Authority (EN-DSA)

The EN-DSA is used to give signature authority to approve and sign fiscal documents, payroll documents, property documents, and/or access requests.  Submit EN-DSA.


Maestro provides support for researchers and research administration across The Texas A&M University System. TEES researchers, administrators and employees should email TEES Maestro Help for assistance.