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A criminal history background check will be conducted on all applicants who are finalists for a security sensitive position; which includes staff, graduate students, undergraduate student workers and temporary employees. Positions may be designated as security sensitive if the position’s duties include handling currency, having access to sensitive information and computerized databases, having access to a master key, working in an area that has been designated as a security sensitive area and/or as may be provided by federal or state law.

For employment purposes the background check is conducted as part of the prospective hire Pre-Onboarding process through a secure online system. The prospective hire is asked to provide information required for the background check. Engineering Human Resources will conduct the check. The hiring division will be notified when the check has been completed.

If a background check is required on a current employee, contact Engineering Human Resources for assistance at 979-458-7699.

Criminal History Record Information

According to System Regulation each A&M System employee’s criminal history record information is subject to review at any time as permitted by law. Periodic criminal history information record checks may be conducted at the discretion of an A&M System Member. In addition, the regulation stipulates that A&M System employees must report to their supervisor, within 24 hours or at the earliest possible opportunity thereafter, any criminal arrests, criminal charges, or criminal convictions, excluding misdemeanor traffic offenses punishable only by fine. Failure to make the report required by this section shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.