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Learn about benefits for Texas A&M University College of Engineering and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station employees below.

The state's definition of benefit eligibility: If an employee is expected to work an average of 20 or more hours a week for 4.5 months or more, the employee must be offered the opportunity to enroll in benefits upon employment.

What does this mean to you?

Percent Effort Insurance Eligibility
75%-100% Eligible for benefits if employed 4.5 months or more eligible for full state contribution
50%-74% Eligible for benefits if employed 4.5 months or more eligible for partial state contribution
Less than 50% or less than 4.5 days Not eligible for benefits

NOTE: This chart only applies to health benefits. Retirement and leave eligibility remains the same. Employees must work at least 50% effort for 4.5 months or longer to be eligible for retirement and to accrue and use leave time.

Student Titles

Graduate students in a graduate assistant position, who work at least fifty percent time for four and one-half months or for a semester of more than four months and whose positions require that they be enrolled in graduate level courses, are also eligible. Excludes positions that require student status not contingent of graduate level as a condition of employment (i.e. student technician, student worker).

Generally, students employed in student titles (other than graduate assistant teachers, graduate assistant non-teachers, graduate assistant researchers, graduate assistant lecturers or graduate student workers) will be considered variable-hour employees, and will be monitored by Engineering Human Resources through the one-year “measurement period." Therefore, benefits should not be offered upon employment.

If an employee in a student wage position works an average of 30 hours a week over the course of the measurement period, then Engineering Human Resources will offer benefits to the student at the end of the measurement period.

System Policy 31.02 Employee Insurance & Retirement Benefits