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Citibank Payment Card

Payment (Pcard) Card Program

Your position with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) may require that you purchase needed items for the department. The payment card program is a method for processing delegated orders through vendors that accept credit cards. Your payment card is issued in your name. You are responsible for the security of the payment card and transactions made with it. If you do not follow the guidelines when using the payment card, you could receive corrective action, including termination. All charges on a Payment card must be submitted on a Concur Pcard Expense Report within 30 days of the posting.

Please review the Payment Card Guide for card program requirements.

Billing Address

All TEES Cards have the following Billing Address:

Department Name Abbreviation
Department Mail Stop
College Station, TX 77843

Application and Credit Change Request




If a purchase is greater than $500, verify that the vendor is not on the following lists:

Payment Card Coordinators

Geri Speaks
Dana Ethridge
Lynn Krueger


Dispute Resolution

Any disputes of charges on the payment or travel card must be initiated as quickly as possible.  Attempts should be made by the cardholder to first resolve the issue directly with the vendor. If a resolution cannot be reached, you may initiate a dispute for either card on a questionable transaction by contacting Citibank Customer Service Department at 1-800-248-4553. The customer service department will handle the questions, they can and if warranted will pass the call onto the Dispute Team.

Citibank allows disputes to be initiated within 60 days of the cycle date in which the transaction occurred, even if the merchant is working on resolving the dispute, to ensure your dispute rights.


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