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See the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station's news from July 2022.

Three graduate students standing with Dr. Rodney Bowersox in front of the BOLT II sounding rocket.

Texas A&M University is leading the second stage of a science mission to learn more about hypersonic flight. Aerospace engineering graduate students have had the unique experience of contributing to the unprecedented flight experiment, BOLT II.

Two white robotic arms against a blue background

As the manufacturing industry shifts toward smart technologies and automation, the threat of bad actors compromising industrial capability rises. SecureAmerica Institute partners are developing an external system to identify and prevent robotic untrustworthiness.

Missile flying in the night sky.

A team from the University of Central Florida, a University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics university partner, is leading a project to study electromagnetic waves in hypersonic conditions to help refine hypersonic guidance, communications and control.

Graph points illuminated on a screen.

The separation of materials moving at hypersonic speeds is a common challenge in hypersonic flight. Using modeling and experimental measures, a team from The University of Texas at San Antonio is leading research to address this aerodynamic issue through an award via the University Consortium of Applied Hypersonics.

 3D illustration of rocket flying through the clouds in moonlight.

Researchers at The University of Alabama in Huntsville are combining solid fuel research with rotating detonation engine technology to provide high-efficiency air-breathing propulsion for hypersonic technology. This study is funded through the University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics.

Portrait of Dr. Tracy Hammond and the Texas A&M University Engineering logo

Dr. Tracy Hammond was selected to receive a 2022 Distinguished Achievement Award for teaching from Texas A&M University and The Association of Former Students.

Photo of Jeremy Forsberg, Rodney Reddic, Rob Gorham, Monica Cortez, Scott Terry and Kiley Wren.

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and The University of Texas at Arlington have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance the aerospace defense manufacturing community through the application of advanced technology and workforce training in Texas.

Telecommunication tower during sunset with wireframe overlaym

A team of Texas A&M University researchers has received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a new framework to enhance the security of next-generation wireless broadband network services.

Thomas Overbye in front of computer screens in the Smart Grid Center.

Dr. Thomas Overbye presents an approach for the inclusion of weather information in the power flow of the grid that does not require substantial changes to existing algorithms and is expandable moving forward.

Underground utility line reparation and reconstruction site parallel to a street.

Increasing temperatures continue to impact infrastructure, from roadways to underground utilities. Researchers at the Center for Infrastructure Renewal focus on resiliency and sustainability through materials selection suited for the environments they must withstand.