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Under the new 90 day reimbursement policy, any personal expenses charged on a university liability card must be paid back within the 90 days of the trip end date to be considered not taxable.

If the traveler provides payment to the department prior to the Concur Travel Expense Report being finalized, please forward to TEES Fiscal Office, Sales & Receivables at mail stop 3124. Do not hold these payments. Checks are the preferred method of payment for personal expenses charged during business travel status. Be sure to endorse checks ‘For Deposit Only’ and provide the Concur Travel Expense Report Key #. TEES Fiscal Office will deposit these checks into a holding account until the expense report has been finalized. Payment will then be applied to the appropriate invoice.

If not paid prior, then upon completion of each Concur Travel Expense Report, TEES Fiscal Office will bill for personal expenses charged during travel status. Invoices are manually created based on the information obtained from this report. These invoices are attached to the Concur Travel Expense Report in the receipts section and are also emailed directly to the traveler. If payment has already been received prior to billing, TEES Fiscal Office will notify the traveler via email that the payment received has been applied to the invoice. Invoice numbers are the Concur travel expense report key # with E as a prefix. This does not extend the time period that the traveler has to repay before being taxed.

Sales & Receivables personnel track payment of these personal expenses and provide collection efforts. Travelers with outstanding invoices are subject to current taxation and state hold policies and requirements.

Please contact Sales & Receivables at with any questions regarding invoices and payments for personal expenses in Concur.