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In accordance with TEES guidelines, all purchases should be encumbered and approved within AggieBuy prior to placing order for goods and services.

When a department places an order that exceeds $25,000 it is called Non-Compliant Purchase and is considered a purchase procedure violation. All Non-Compliant Purchases, regardless of the dollar amount, presents problems for Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Vendors and End-users. In many cases, these transactions create unnecessary administrative effort, bypass State of Texas encumbrance requirements and violate procurement rules and procedures.

Purchase Violations

Failure by an employee to follow TEES procedures constitutes a purchase procedure violation and would be classified by internal system auditor as a “finding” to TEES. Departments submitting a purchase requisition or invoice for goods or services already ordered or received by the requesting department will be subject to the following administrative actions.

  • First violation
    • The person responsible for making the non-compliant purchase will be assigned "TEES Disbursement of Funds" training to be completed within 30 calendar days. If the training is not completed within 30 calendar days, the expenditure will be transferred to a non-sponsored project.
  • Additional violation
    • Purchase will not be allowed on a sponsored project.

The department shall submit a Requisition in AggieBuy along with a completed NonCompliant Purchase Form to the Purchasing Manager or their designee for review and approval. Upon receipt of this Non-Compliant Purchase Form, Purchasing will request approval from the Controller and/or CFO then forward to Accounts Payable with authorization to process. Please be advised that Purchasing will be keeping a log/file of all such Non-Compliant purchasing requisitions and that continuation of such non-compliance may result in a loss of purchasing privileges for the requester and/or department.