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Repairs should not be authorized before an estimated cost of repair has been received. After the estimated cost is received, consideration should be given to the cost effectiveness of repair vs. replacement. If the decision is to repair the item(s), a Purchase Order must be issued. If the repair cost is over $25,000, a Requisition should be submitted in AggieBuy for handling. To have a tracking mechanism in place, it is good practice to send a PO number when sending the item(s) in for repair. The PO can have a $0.00 until the estimated repair cost is approved. Then the PO can be adjusted to reflect the true repair cost.

An internal repair is a repair to state-owned equipment that cannot be reasonably defined prior to the actual repair and the extent of which cannot be determined until the equipment is disassembled. Usually, internal repairs are the result of an unexpected, basic service outage. Internal repairs must contain labor and may also include parts.

When an internal repair is necessary, a requisition should be created noting in the description that it is an INTERNAL REPAIR. The following should be stated on the requisition/PO: “Not to exceed (insert reasonable dollar limit) for repair services unless prior authorization is provided by the agency.”