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The purpose of the J-1 Exchange Program is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges. The exchange of visiting scholars promotes interchange of knowledge and skills, mutual enrichment, and stronger links between research and educational institutions in U.S. and foreign countries.

Any active faculty or research member who holds an active Texas A&M University (TAMU) academic appointment may sponsor a J-1 visiting scholar or professor or student intern to conduct research or teach at TAMU.

Please note that Immigration Services for Faculty and Scholars (ISFS) is the authority on all matters related to J-1 programs.

Application Process

The hosting department will initiate all J-1 requests via the J-1 Exchange Visitor Request link.

Proper planning is crucial to the timely processing of documents. The approval process takes time; therefore it is important that the department start the invitation process at least two months prior to the intended arrival date of the exchange visitor. Engineering Human Resources will request and collect all required documentation and information from the prospective exchange visitor and forward a complete application packet to Immigration Services for Faculty and Scholars (ISFS). It is important to note that ISFS provides the final approval for all J-1 Exchange Visitor requests.

Please send any questions or concerns to

Foreign Influence and Security Assessment Fee

Engineering Human Resources assesses each sponsoring representative of Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station a fee of $600 for immigration related services provided. These fees will be utilized to account for costs associated with Engineering Human Resources and visitor processes. Engineering HR will coordinate the logistics of the invoice/assessment process with representative business administrators within each department and division.

Funding J-1 Exchange Visitors

While most J-1 exchange visitors financially support themselves with funding they have received from their home institution or government, there are times when faculty hosts wish to provide financial support to their visitor during their stay. Please reference Payments to J-1 Exchange Visitors for guidelines.

A faculty member wishing to provide their visitor monthly financial support will complete the Payroll/Stipend Determination Form to determine whether the visitor will need to be placed on payroll or will be eligible to receive a monthly “stipend.” If utilizing the electronic J-1 Exchange Visitor Request, the financial support information is captured at that point. If it is determined that the visitor will be placed on payroll, Engineering HR will coordinate with the department.

Please visit the Immigration Services for Faculty and Scholars (ISFS) website for additional information.