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Student Employee Titles and Rate

The following descriptions serve as a guide for on-campus employers in determining an appropriate pay range for a part-time student employee position. Within each official title class, an employer may identify a different working title (i.e. a Student Technician II may be a Web Designer). Although each title has a maximum and a minimum wage scale associated with it, employers may hire a student at a rate higher than the minimum. Employers should consider both experience and level of responsibility in determining a starting rate of pay.

Although paid through specific title codes, Federal Work Study and Texas College Work Study employees should be compensated with the same consideration as non-work study student employees. 

A non-affiliated student employee is a student who is enrolled in an institution other than Texas A&M University (e.g. enrolled in high schools, junior colleges, other colleges and universities), is working part-time, on or off campus and is processed through one of The Texas A&M University System payroll stations under the non-affiliated student employee title codes. These non-affiliated student employees are not student employees by current definition, yet it is necessary that they be paid the same rate as Texas A&M student employees performing similar duties.

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Student Employment Outcomes

  • Acquisition or development of strong customer service skills in a professional setting. 

  • Cooperative and works well with others to support a shared purpose.

  •  Works to create an inclusive work environment through actions and words Work with others to support a shared purpose or goal.

  •  Articulate thoughts clearly and effectively in written and oral form.

  • Articulate thoughts clearly and effectively in written and oral form.

  •  Acknowledge and address the consequences of one's own actions.

Student Assistant

Student Assistant: 7518
Non-Affiliated Student Assistant: 7677

Rate: $7.25-$15/hour

Serving in a capacity of administrative support for a department/division at Texas A&M Engineering; Collaborate with personnel to perform tasks relevant to the function of the department/division; Provide assistance to support staff for specialized projects via distinct programs and particular needs.

Student Coordinator

Student Coordinator: 7463
Non-Affiliated Student Coordinator: 7478

Rate: $7.25-$17/hour

Persons classified at this level require a moderate to high degree of mental activity and independent judgment in addition to extensive previous training and experience. The work performed involves decision making, responsibility for the safety of persons and property or supervision of other student employees and may be an essential function of departmental operations.

Student Technician

Student Technician: 7519
Non-Affiliated Student Technician: 7471

Rate: $7.50-$19/hour

Provide technical assistance to personnel for specialized projects via distinct programs and particular needs; Collaborate with personnel to handle tasks related to specific technical functionality; Provide assistance to support staff for specialized projects via distinct programs and particular needs and may require moderate independent judgement, analysis and decision making.

Student Intern

Student Intern: 7635
Non-Affiliated Student Intern: 7765

Rate: $8-$20/hour*

Duties of student interns should be beyond those of typical student employee positions.  The objective of hiring a student intern should be for the employer to have a skilled worker and for the intern to gain valuable experience directly tied to their field of interest.

*Managers who wish to pay a Student Intern above $17/hr. must provide justification to Engineering HR and rate must be approved by the HR Director

Engineering Student Worker

Engineering Student Worker: 6081

Rate: $7.25-$17/hour

Typically used to create a summer position for students currently in a 9-month GAT position in the Spring who will return as a GAT in the Fall. This assists with tracking of these summer appointments. This title may also be used for student employees whose duties and/or requested compensation rates are beyond those of a typical student employee, but the student is not receiving academic credit for their experience.

Engineering Graduate Student Worker

Engineering Graduate Student Worker-Monthly: 9002
Graduate Student Worker-Biweekly: 9024

Rate: $4,500-$7,000/month (full time employee), $25.97-$40.39/hour

Duties are consistent with those for a Graduate Assistant. These titles allow a current GAT/GAR/GANT to maintain assistantship duties and benefit-eligibility in final semester if not taking a full courseload.

*Approval is needed through the graduate student worker form to use these titles.