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The New Employee Award recognizes an employee with one to three years of continuous service as a staff member within Texas A&M Engineering (TEES or college non-faculty position). This employee is highly engaged in their new position and provides exceptional effort in the assigned role.

Award Criteria

  • Must be a full-time budgeted employee with one to three years of continuous service as a staff member within Texas A&M Engineering (TEES or college non-faculty position). Graduate student employees and student worker employees are not eligible for this award.
  • Must have a current performance evaluation on file with a rating of "Meets Expectations" or higher.
  • Must have completed all required training as of March 1.
  • Has not received any disciplinary action in the past two years.
  • Must have completed the first year of employment with engineering by May 1.
  • Recipients are only eligible for this award once.


  • The recipient receives an award plaque.
  • The recipient receives a $1,500 check.
  • The number of award recipients is one.

Nomination Questions

The nominator will be required to answer the following questions about the nominee during the online award submission.

  1. Assuming that you are introducing this person to a group of co-workers, what characteristics would you want to include that describe your nominee?
  2. Please give examples of significant work contributions made by the nominee and describe the immediate impact benefiting the work unit/Engineering Program.
  3. What skills/attributes of the nominee have served to enhance and/or improve the service of the work unit/Engineering Program? Please provide specific examples.
The online awards submission window is currently closed.