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The Engineering Team Award recognizes a team that is collectively contributing to efforts focused on delivering our mission through a demonstrated commitment to education, research and top-notch service.

Award Criteria

  • All team members must have one or more years of continuous service as a staff member within Texas A&M Engineering (TEES or college non-faculty position).
  • A team may be a formally appointed group or a group of up to eight staff members who work together on a regular basis. Both short-term project teams and permanent teams may be nominated.
  • All team members must be full-time or part-time budgeted employees (temporary employees, student workers and graduate student employees are not eligible).
  • All team members must have a current performance evaluation on file with a rating of "Meets Expectations" or higher.
  • All team members must have completed required trainings as of March 1.
  • Team members have not received any disciplinary action in the past two years.
  • A member of a team cannot nominate their own team for this award.


  • An award plaque is awarded for a team.
  • Award is $1,000 each for a team of up to eight employees.
  • Number of recipients is one team of up to eight staff members.

Nomination Questions

Nominator will be required to answer these questions about the team during the online award submission:

  • Describe a specific interaction whereby this team contributed to resolving a challenge or a specific achievement.
  • Give examples of how this team demonstrates teamwork.
  • Please elaborate on how collaboration with this team has enhanced the work unit and/or Texas A&M Engineering.
The online awards submission window is currently closed.