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Administrative leave with pay was established as special recognition and may be awarded to an employee whose job performance and productivity consistently exceed the criteria established for their position. This criteria can include: demonstrates an ability to accomplish tasks timely and efficiently; successfully completed a special project of significance; and/or a significant contribution to the continued success of the division.

Award Benefit

Time off with pay is granted to the employee. Awards must be granted in eight-hour increments up to a maximum of 32 hours per fiscal year.

Submission Process

Submissions are initiated by the HR/Business Office in each division/department. The supervisor will be required to provide written justification of the request. The HR/Business Office will initiate the online request and approval process.

Status of each request will be relayed to the HR/Business Office who will communicate to the supervisor.


A current performance evaluation on file with a rating of meets expectations or higher.

Wage employees are ineligible.

Online Request Form

Division/Department HR/Business Office, access the administrative leave online request form.