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Annual Inventory Certification

Inventory certifications are accomplished annually. At the beginning of the inventory cycle, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Property Office will send out a letter to each department/division requesting their preferred start date. On the date selected, the TEES Property Office will forward by email all documents and listings necessary to begin the annual inventory certification.
The e-mail will be addressed to the Accountable Property Officer (APO) and Alternate Accountable Property Officer (AAPO). The file will include:
One copy of the Annual Inventory Certification (AIC) in PDF format sorted by numerical order.
One copy of the Annual Inventory Certification (AIC) in Microsoft Excel
One copy of TFO Form 7812 – Report of Missing or Stolen Property. One form should be returned for each item listed as missing on TFO Form 7872.
One copy of TFO Form 7816 – Equipment Checkout Request Form.
One copy of TFO Form 7875 – Documents required for completing the Annual Inventory Certification.
The TEES Property Office will track and review the submittal of certifications to ensure they are completed per TEES’s policies. Improperly documented certifications should be returned to the Department/Division for further review and processing.