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Employee/Applicant Responsibilities 

  • Meet with your designated supervisor and/or Engineering Human Resources as appropriate to discuss the ADAA accommodation request process.
  • Provide details supporting your request to include information on your disability and the proposed accommodation.
  • Review the current position description and determine the requested ADAA accommodation based upon the essential functions of the job.
  • Provide position description to the healthcare provider and request a medical statement to be completed and include information relevant to System Regulation 08.01.01, Section 6. (Refer to Healthcare Provider Responsibilities section)

Individuals “who request an accommodation are responsible for obtaining a medical statement that contains a [1] diagnosis, [2] prognosis, and [3] the major life function that is substantially limited. This medical statement should include [4] an evaluation as to the effect that the impairment has on the employee's ability to perform the duties associated with the employee’s or applicant’s position”.

  • Submit the request (and medical statement) to Engineering Human Resources

Employee’s Healthcare Provider Responsibilities

  • Provider should review the employee’s essential job functions based upon current position description in conjunction with the employee’s accommodation request.
  • Provide signed/certified medical statement including details outlined in Section 6 of System Regulation 08.01.01 (above) and return to employee or submit to:
    • Director, Engineering Human Resources Mail Stop 3467, College Station, TX 77843-3467 | Fax (979) 458-7490

Engineering Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Provide confirmation of receipt of the request for accommodation.
  • Communicate with the employee regarding the ADAA accommodation request process.
  • Explain the essential details required in the ADAA request for accommodation and specific details to be included in the medical statement.
  • Review the completed request for accommodation and the medical statement, and determine:
    1. If the individual has a disability as defined by the ADAA;
    2. Whether or not the requested accommodation is reasonable;
    3. Whether or not the requested accommodation will enable the applicant/employee to meet the essential functions of the job;
    4. If the applicant/employee is a qualified person with a disability; and
    5. Whether or not there are other reasonable accommodations that are equally effective.
  •  Notify the employee in writing of the determination.
Questions regarding ADAA can be directed to Engineering Human Resources by calling 979-458-7699