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The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) continues to support academic freedom and the ability of researchers and scholars to communicate, exchange ideas and collaborate with the brightest minds around the world to advance knowledge and the application of that knowledge to benefit all nations. However, we also understand that we have an ethical obligation to protect U.S. research investments from malign foreign influence and to address and mitigate risks to the security of intellectual property and the integrity of peer review.

In compliance with all applicable federal regulations and guidance, as well as The Texas A&M University System's regulations and TEES rules and procedures, TEES researchers must provide their federal sponsors with accurate reporting of all sources of research support, financial interests and affiliations.

TEES uses a disclosure system hosted by Huron Research Suite which centralizes Foreign Collaboration disclosures, Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) and Conflict of Commitment disclosures, as well as Faculty Consulting/External Employment approval requests.

Here are some resources to assist researchers in submitting their required Huron disclosures:

For additional information regarding research security and agency-specific disclosure requirements, please review the Research Security Office’s information on Global Research Engagement Risk Mitigation.

TEES Research Compliance also provides additional outreach and resources to assist researchers in meeting their disclosure obligations to federal sponsors. Please contact for additional information.