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This page is your guide to the governance found in Agency Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures (SAPs).

Rules and SAPs are used to communicate the responsibilities, procedures, and practices that guide the operations of TEES divisions. To understand their significance, Rules and SAPs should be read in conjunction with their related System Policies and Regulations. See the “Related Statutes, Policies, or Requirements” section near the bottom of each Rule and SAP to find the related Policy or Regulation.

The Contact Office noted at the bottom of each Policy, Regulation, Rule, or SAP is your resource for interpreting or applying requirements.

If you need assistance in finding a Rule or SAP, please contact Ethics and Compliance at (979) 458-7471.

Section A: Governance, Organization, and Administration

01. Governance

  • 01.01.01.E0.01 Development, Approval, and Distribution of Agency Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures

02. Organization of System

03. Statements of Mission and Objectives

07. Ethics

  • 07.03.01.E1 Political Campaign Events in Facilities Under the Control of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

08. Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

09. Litigation and Administration

10. Internal Audit

Section B: Academic and Research Programs

11. Centers, Degrees and Programs

12. Faculty

13. Students

15. Research Programs

  • 15.01.03.E1 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research
  • 15.02.99.E1 Export Controls Program Management
  • 15.05.04.E1 High Risk Global Engagements and High Risk International Collaborations
  • 15.99.01.E1 Use of Human Subjects in Research
  • 15.99.03.E1 Ethics in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work
  • 15.99.06.E1 Use of Biohazardous Materials in Research, Teaching and Testing and Dual Use Research of Concern
  • 15.99.07.E1 Use of Vertebrate Animals
  • 15.99.99.E0.04 TEES Consortia Procedure
  • 15.99.99.E0.05 Engineering Global Partnerships

16. Compliance - General

17. Intellectual Property

  • 17.01.99.E1 Management of Intellectual Property (Patents, Copyrights and Information Technology)
  • 17.01.99.E1.01 Payment of Patent Expenses and Royalty Distribution

18. Athletics

Section C: Finance and Operations

21. General Finance

22. Asset Management

23. Debt Management

24. Risk Management

25. Expenditure of Funds

26. Tuition and Fees

27. Financial Planning and Budgeting

28. Auxiliary Enterprise, Privatization, etc.

29. Information Resources

  • 29.01.04.E0.01 Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility
  • 29.01.04.E0.02 Exceptions for the Purchase of Electronic and Information Resource Products
  • 29.01.99.E1 Security of Electronic Information Resources

Section D: Human Resources

31. Compensation and Benefits

32. Employee Relations

33. Employment, Standards of Conduct

34. Safety of Employees and Students

Section E: Real Estate

41. Real Property

Section F: Facilities Planning, Construction, and Operation

51. Facilities Planning and Construction

Section G: Public Affairs and Development

60. Relationships with Financial Support Organizations

61. Information and Communications