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An army soldier wearing military safety gear, helmet, and goggles, with his face covered in camouflaging paint.

The Texas A&M University System’s George H. W. Bush Combat Development Complex (BCDC), under construction at the RELLIS Campus, is the result of a partnership with the Army Futures Command. The BCDC will bring together academic researchers, the military and the private sector for collaboration, demonstrations and high-tech testing of various national security initiatives. 

The complex will include:

  • An Innovation Proving Ground – A challenging outdoor test site for for autonomous aerial, ground and subterranean vehicles
  • The Research Integration Center – A state-of-the-art innovation hub where researchers, students, industry, government and military can collaborate to create emerging technologies to modernize the Army
  • Ballistic, Aero-optics, and Materials – Hypersonics and directed energy research will be conducted in this facility.
  • Technology Innovation and Modernization Catalyst – Supports management and transfer of intellectual property and technology to industry for commercial applications.

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