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Concur Travel Card Program

Two types of Citibank Travel cards should be used for efficient operations with the new travel system Concur. Which fiscal office on campus you request your cards through depends on your relationship to the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES).

  1. Centrally billed employee travel card (CBT) in an employee’s name

All TEES and College of Engineering employees with even minimal business travel should apply for a CBT card.

We recommend that departments obtain CBT cards for all employees that might travel on TEES funds and maintain the cards centrally. Cards are issued in the employee’s name as a corporate liability card.  The expenses are paid by The Texas A&M University System member that issued the card and allocated to the proper department/member account through Concur. This card allows an employee traveler to utilize this one card for all business travel expenses on local funds, regardless of whether the trip will be paid with TEES funds, Texas A&M funds, Agrilife funds, etc. Travelers will have the card with them when they travel for ease of use and convenience. The single card can be used for airfare, hotel, rental car, rental car fuel, meals, taxis, etc. on local funds. This card will keep the A&M System employees from being out of pocket for travel expenses and the need to use a travel card tied to only one member is eliminated.

  1. DART Card for travel by non-employee students, guests and prospective employees
  • TEES employees (admin and centers/institutes) should complete the TEES DART Card Application and Guide review the DART Travel Card Responsibilities and Usage.
  • College of Engineering or other Texas A&M personnel should complete the Texas A&M DART Card Application and Agreement. 
  • PVAMU, TAMUK, TAMUCC personnel should contact the TEES credit card administrator to discuss the Citibank options for your campus. (Your employee named CBT can also be used for airfare and other expenses you want to book for non-employee guests and non-employee students.  The CBT card may NOT be used for any other employee’s travel expenses).

Unassigned Card Transactions

Travel cards with unassigned transactions greater than 90 days from the post date, or assigned transactions not submitted within 90 days of the travel end date may be suspended until those transactions greater than 90 days are submitted and approved. Please remember that the best business practice is to submit the expense report within 30 days of the travel end date.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes of charges on the payment or travel card must be initiated as quickly as possible. Attempts should be made by the cardholder to first resolve the issue directly with the vendor. If a resolution cannot be reached, you may initiate a dispute for either card on a questionable transaction by contacting Citibank Customer Service Department at 1-800-248-4553. The customer service department will handle the questions they can and if warranted will pass the call onto the Dispute Team.

Citibank allows disputes to be initiated within 60 days of the cycle date in which the transaction occurred — even if the merchant is working on resolving the dispute — to ensure your dispute rights. If a form is needed, the instructions and forms are available below.

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