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TEES supports international collaboration and values its partnerships with universities and other organizations worldwide. The federal agencies have expressed increased concerns over foreign influence and proper disclosures. There is a heightened awareness and interest in understanding the relationships that faculty with federal funds have with foreign governments or entities.

It is important for researchers to be mindful in disclosing these relationships through external employment, Financial Conflict of Interest and to their sponsors. Links to information and guidance is contained below.

Engineering and TEES fully support the guidance that was sent out on June 10, 2019, by Dr. Fierke and Dr. Barteau.

Guidance - Foreign Influence in Research

In addition to the letter above, TEES has compiled a document with links to guidance from DOE, NIH, NSF and DoD and general reminders about visitors and projects while researchers are away from campus.

TEES Ethics and Compliance is providing outreach and reviewing disclosures to assist researchers.

Download Foreign Influence Guidance and Disclosures resource document here.

Feel free to contact the Ethics and Compliance team here or email with any questions.