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IMPORTANT: Please provide the following information (via email) to get the process started:

  1. What is the name and contact information for the other Party?
  2. What is the nature of activity?
  3. Will there be funding involved?

Email the TEES Contracting Team

Contract Process

TEES Contract Process diagram, showing workflow from Intake process, to Drafting or Initial Review, to Negotiations, through to Finalizing.


  • Estimated 2 business days
  • Adding to Contract Log
  • Gathering necessary information

Drafting or Initial Review

  • Estimated 10 business days
  • Drafting new contract
  • Reviewing other party's contract


  • Varied timeframe depending on complexity and other parties
  • Proposing and/or reviewing revisions
  • Discussions or meetings as necessary to discuss terms
  • Routing for approvals internally as needed (Compliance, OGC, VPR, TEES Management, etc.)


  • Estimated 3 business days
  • Preparing final draft and internal memos for signature
  • Routing to appropriate signatory


  • Estimated 2 business days
  • Uploading in Maestro
  • Releasing to SRS or TEES Fiscal for administration