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The Texas A&M University Division of IT EIR Accessibility Office is committed to assisting the Texas A&M Engineering communities in finding technology resources to aid in compliance with technology accessibility laws and policy, and to help support innovation.

There are several resources on and off campus to find tutorials, locate formal training, or get general guidance and assistance for technology accessibility compliance needs.

If you have questions or need help finding resources and training related to technology accessibility compliance, please email us at

The following references can be a starting point for information.

Lecture Capture and Captioning Services

It is recommended that faculty capture their course lectures on a regular basis in the event a student presents an accommodation letter. Once an accommodation letter has been presented, faculty can proceed with captioning lectures and any other video content that may be utilized as a learning tool. See “Captioning Process at the College of Engineering” for guidance regarding lecture capture and captioning.

Lecture Capture Resources

  • Mediasite - This is the preferred product for lecture capture. For contract information, contact Engineering Learning Technology at
  • Camtasia™ - Individual and departmental licenses are available through Texas A&M IT Software Center.

Captioning and Transcription Resources

  • Cielo24 - The Department of Petroleum Engineering has provisioned accounts for all the engineering departments; each department must provide a budget accounting code to charge against. Cielo24 uses crowdsourcing. Any video content subject to export laws should not use this service.
  • Camtasia™ has been purchased by TechSmith; licenses are available at This service requires manual intervention for accuracy.
  • YouTube™ - Requires manual intervention for accuracy. For YouTube policy on sharing intellectual property, see YouTube's terms of service page.
  • 3PlayMedia - Captioning and transcription services with 99% accuracy requires a contract by the college or department.
  • Rev Captions - This is a recommended source for captioning that includes both captioning and transcription services at 99% accuracy. Rev uses crowdsourcing, so do not use this service for any content subject to export laws. A collegewide contract may be available in the near future.
  • The Texas A&M University System Office is developing captioning contracts. More information will be posted when it is available.

Staff Resources

It is the responsibility of each department (or agency) and website designers and developers to apply required accessibility standards to both current and future departmental or agency websites. Staffs also need to ensure that any documents or forms posted on a departmental website meet accessibility standards. The following web-based resources provide guidance and help.

Student Resources

Assistance for students can be found at the University Disability Services Office website.

Information found at the University Disability Services website is directed toward providing assistance to students. However, faculty can also find tips on working with students with disabilities at the website.