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As you navigate through digital accessibility, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Digital Accessibility Officer is here to help. Send any questions about digital accessibility to our email:

Getting Assistance

Any person or representative who believes discrimination has occurred that is prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sections 504 or 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, may file a complaint. To file a complaint, visit the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness or the Office of Risk, Ethics and Compliance.

Related areas of support

Texas A&M IT Accessibility Technology Services

At the Texas A&M IT Accessibility website, you can find the laws, regulations and policy regarding technology accessibility requirements. You can also find resources that help determine if web-based content meets technology accessibility requirements.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence website provides guidance for teaching at Texas A&M including guidance for course and universal learning design and curriculum.

Instructional Technology Services

The Instructional Technology Services (ITS) web pages provide information to help faculty bring technology teaching tools into the classroom. The ITS staff can help ensure that courses taught through “eCampus” are accessibility compliant.

Department of Disability Resources

Disability Resources offers accommodations coordination, evaluation referral, disability-related information, assistive technology services, sign language interpreting and transcription services for academically related purposes.

Remediation Services

If you have a large repository of content (documents, videos, images, etc.) that needs to be remediated, email the TEES Digital Accessibility officer for options. Remediation is required on inaccessible content to be compliant and reduce the risk to Texas A&M University. Remediation services costs and timelines will vary depending on the complexity.