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Texas A&M New Ventures Competition recognizes technology and science-focused, independent companies with high-growth potential and provides seed funding to help them effectively execute their idea for a new or advanced technology and move it to product development. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering

On May 16, 16 startup companies from across Texas will compete to be one step closer to making their innovative ideas become a reality at the 2019 Texas A&M New Ventures Competition (TNVC). Aimed at promoting the commercialization of emerging technology to the marketplace, TNVC recognizes technology and science-focused, independent companies with high-growth potential and provides seed funding to help them effectively execute their idea for a new or advanced technology and move it to product development.

This year’s startups include a company using artificial intelligence to predict early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and another that is tackling the global plastic pollution problem. The semi-finalists come from a wide spectrum of fields including healthcare, IT/software, digital health, transportation and clean energy technology.

At the May 16 competition, judges will narrow the field of 16 semi-finalists from across Texas down to six finalists. The final judging round begins at 1 p.m. and is open to the public and the media. The finals will take place in the All-American Club at Kyle Field.

At more than $350,000 in cash and in-kind services, the prize pool for this year’s competition is the largest yet. Since 2014, the TNVC has awarded more than $700,000 in prizes to Texas-based startups.     

2019 Semi-finalists:

Bezoar Laboratories LLC

Bezoar Laboratories, LLC is a research and development company currently developing a novel patent-pending probiotic that, when fed with nitrate, reduces methane by 50% in ruminants, while reducing food-borne pathogens and increasing feed-efficiency.


Fewer than 50% of people with Alzheimer’s Disease ever get a diagnosis. GaitIQ is using deep learning and artificial intelligence to predict risk of Alzheimer’s years or decades before symptoms of dementia appear by detecting subtle changes in how you walk from video taken in a doctor’s office.

Harmony Aeronautics LLC

Harmony Aeronautics has patented a revolutionary approach to compact electrical vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Their technology offers game-changing improvements in efficiency and noise reduction relative to existing designs, expanding the capabilities and markets for both unmanned aircraft system and manned personal commuting applications.

Ictero Medical

Ictero Medical is building a minimally invasive ablation system to provide definitive therapy to high-risk patients with gallstone disease. Their device, the CholeSafe System, leverages existing workflows widely utilized by interventional radiologists, which allows physicians to offer their patients the benefits of surgery without the risk.

Immosis LLC

SurviVR is a virtual reality platform for immersive, accessible and data-driven police training. The company is supplementing the limitations of existing training and emphasizing de-escalation through hands-on scenarios, which includes active shooter, traffic stop and domestic battery. Currently, they have demos with seven police departments in North Texas.

Intelligent Implants

Pioneering the use of wireless implantable bioelectronics to stimulate, sculpt and monitor bone growth in real-time.


NovoThelium provides a tissue engineered matrix for nipple areolar regeneration after mastectomy.


PolyVascular is creating polymeric transcatheter valves for children with congenital heart disease.

SABER Corporation

SABER Corporation is developing an antimicrobial bandage to provide a cost-saving solution to the healthcare system by enabling hospital staff to reduce healthcare-associated infections by addressing surgical site infections.

Spark Biomedical

Spark Biomedical is a Texas-based medical device company focused on non-invasive bioelectric medicine for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.


SurfEllent has developed a new generation of anti-icing surfaces with extremely low ice adhesion and exceptional durability under severe environmental conditions. 

Teysha Technologies

Teysha has developed new and unique solutions to the global plastic pollution problem. To meet the growing demand for sustainable plastics, Teysha Technologies’ natural product polycarbonate platform creates a wide range of polymers with tunable properties and practical applications, which will then degrade after the end of their useful lifetime.

Toggle Health

Toggle Health is a healthcare technology company that delivers a breakthrough surgical user experience in the operating room. They connect surgeons to their digital case data in the sterile field using a sterile, wireless controller.


VenoStent is developing a novel, bioresorbable, smart polymer to address the chronic issue of vein collapse for dialysis patients. Their external wrap represents a new, prophylactic way of preventing this condition that takes thousands of lives and costs Medicare billions of dollars each year.


Vitls has developed an innovative way to enable earlier detection of patient deterioration. They have developed a wearable device that monitors body temperature, pulse, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, pulse oxygen (SpO2), sleep and movement. The device is thin, flexible, waterproof, unobtrusive, has a six-day battery life and is disposable.

Yotta Solar Inc.

Yotta Solar has developed a modular energy storage device, SolarLEAF; battery storage integrated with photovoltaic installation designed to reduce cost and expand development of energy storage and grid resiliency on commercial buildings. SolarLEAF will expand solar energy use by reducing the soft costs of design and installation.

About the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition:

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and The Texas A&M University System, along with a growing number of sponsors, are working to ensure today’s innovative ideas become a reality through the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition. Aimed at promoting the commercialization of emerging technology, the competition recognizes companies with high-growth potential and provides seed funding to help them effectively execute their ideas and advance product development.