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Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and Texas A&M University College of Engineering employees may participate in a sick leave pool (SLP) and/or a family leave pool (FLP) either by donation of unused leave hours or a withdrawal request in the event of an illness or injury or other applicable reason resulting in the exhaustion of earned leave.

Absences under the leave pools may constitute an absence that would fall under the Family Medical Leave Act. You will need to reach out to your departmental leave administrator to ensure that federal documentation requirements are met regarding your absence. You can review additional FMLA information on our FMLA webpage.

The leave pools option can be extended for use to an immediate family member.

System policy defines an immediate family member as:

  • An individual who resides in the same household as the employee and is related by kinship, adoption or marriage.
  • A foster child of the employee who resides in the same household as the employee and who is under the conservatorship of the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.
  • A minor child of the employee, regardless of whether the child lives in the same household.

Eligibility requirements for each type of pool are provided in the summary of sick and family leave pools.

In addition to leave pool hours, using sick leave direct donation hours is another paid leave option to assist employees who have exhausted accrued sick leave hours and are in need of additional leave to recover from an illness or injury.