Los Alamos National Laboratory sponsors workshop around paradigm shift in high-throughput materials science

July 24, 2019
| By: Dr. Joya Mannan
Members of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and The Texas A&M University System recently led a workshop aimed at assessing current efforts in high-volume, flexible, and agile materials sample preparation and target fabrication, fostering collaborative interactions that take advantage of present advances, and considering initiatives that could attract sponsor support.

Team uses severe deformation method on bulk magnetic alloys for high performance

June 12, 2018
| By: Dharmesh Patel
In a collaborative study involving Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE), a unique severe plastic deformation (SPD) process, researchers Dr. Ibrahim Karaman from Texas A&M University and Drs. Don Susan and Andrew Kustas of Sandia National Laboratories were able to improve the mechanical properties of magnetic alloys without changing their magnetic properties through microstructural refinement. This process has proven to be troublesome in the past.

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