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Dr. Bowersox and Dr. Bishop holding up small awards
Dr. Rodney Bowersox and Dr. Robert Bishop | Image: Texas A&M Engineering

The Engineering Genesis Award for Multidisciplinary Research was created to honor Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) researchers who have secured a grant of $1 million or more for a research project. TEES will recognize these researchers at the College of Engineering Faculty Awards Banquet on April 2. 

Funded projects are expected to lead to scientific breakthroughs and create lasting impacts on industry.

This year’s recipients are:

PI: Daniel Alge, Co-PIs: Michael Criscitiello, Yava Jones-Hall, Mary McDougall

  • “Effects of Poly(ethylene glycol) Immunogenicity on Implant Biocompatibility”

PI: Robert Ambrose, Co-PIs: Margaret Banks, Nancy Currie-Gregg, Lucas Krakow

  • “TA-4, Task Order 3: Adding Mission Specific Marsupial Robots to Military Vehicles 

PI: Raymundo Arroyave

  • “UCAH: PSA w/ Raymundo Arroyave (TEES): Adaptable, Thermally and Mechanically Graded Interfaces for Dissimilar Hypersonics Materials” 

PI: Rodney Bowersox, Co-PIs: Margaret Banks, Nancy Currie-Gregg, Helen Reed, Nathan Tichenor, Edward White

  • “TA-2, Task Order 2: Extension of Multiscale Modeling Upgrades and Validation, and Hypersonic Tunnel Modernization” 

PI: Rodney Bowersox, Co-PIs: Nancy Currie-Gregg, Nathan Tichenor, Edward White

  • “TA-2, Task Order 1 FY23: Missile Aerothermodynamic Modeling and Validation Experiments At Mach 6 12 Flight Conditions” 

PI: Rodney Bowersox, Co-PIs: Arthur Dogariu, Richard Miles

  • “High-Speed High-Reynolds-Number Boundary Layer Measurements and Modeling” 

PI: Satish Bukkapatnam, Co-PIs: Shuiwang Ji, Bimal Nepal, Rui Tuo, Ibrahim Karaman, Panganamala Kumar

  • “FMRG: Cyber: Manufacturing USA: Material On Demand Manufacturing through Convergence of Manufacturing, AI and Materials Science” 

PI: Jeffrey Bullard, Co-PIs: Satish Bukkapatnam, Zachary Grasley, Zhijian Pei, Petros Sideris, Kumbakonam Rajagopal

  • “Design and Modeling of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Additive Construction”

PI: Katherine Davis, Co-PI: Ana Goulart

  • “SCORE-Physics-Aware and AI-Enabled Cyber-Physical Intrusion Response for the Power Grid”

PI: Michael Demkowicz

  • “Improving Radiation Response of Solid-State Interfaces via Control of Curvature”

PI: Joe Elabd, Co-PIs: Saurabh Biswas, Cynthia Hipwell, Magdalini Lagoudas, Astrid Layton, Sharmila Pathikonda, Blake Petty

  • “NSF I-Corps Hub (Track 1): Southwest”

PI: Akhilesh Gaharwar, Co-PI: Duncan Maitland

  • “Expandable Hemostats for Treatment of Noncompressible Intracavity Hemorrhage”

PI: Swaminathan Gopalswamy, Co-PI: Nancy Currie-Gregg

  • “TA-4, Task Order 1 FY23: Teamed Autonomy”

PI: John Hamilton

  • “2020 CAE Grant: Senior Military College Grant Option Year”

PI: John Hamilton

  • “2022 SMC DoD Cyber Institutes”

PI: John Hamilton, Co-PIs: Nicholas Duffield, Juan Garay, Christopher Lanclos


PI: Arum Han, Co-PIs: Paul Defigueiredo, Arul Jayaraman, Xiaoning Qian, Homero Castaneda-Lopez, Jason Gill, Mei Liu

  • “Microbes Achieve Resistance to MicroOrganism-influenced Rust (μARMOR): An Integrated Platform for Defeating Corrosion”

PI: Balakrishna Haridas, Co-PI: Duncan Maitland

  • “MTEC-21-06-MPAI-167; Portable Electrosurgery for Hemostatic & Tissue Preserving Debridement and Fasciotomies for Military Trauma in Forward Surgical Units”

PI: Abhishek Jain, Co-PI: Vladislav Yakovlev

  • “Long-Term Patient iPSC Vessel Chip Model to Assess Stressors of Atherosclerosis and mRNA Therapeutics”

PI: Arul Jayaraman, Co-PIs: Paul Defigueiredo, Arum Han, Xiaoning Qian

  • “GUARD: A Global Unbiased Antimicrobial Discovery Platform”

PI: Panganamala Kumar, Co-PIs: Srinivas Shakkottai, Nathan Tichenor

  • “TA-5, Task Order 2: Resilient Network Resource Management and Application Integration”

PI: Cindy Lawley

  • “Resilient Manufacturing Ecosystem at Neighborhood 91”

PI: Cindy Lawley

  • “Shipbuilding Manufacturing Regionalization Program”

PI: Cindy Lawley, Co-PI: John Peterson


PI: Craig Marianno

  • “TRIAD Weapons: Production and Inspection Technology Development and Implementation”

PI: Amy Martin

  • “Balanced Mix Design Implementation Effort 2022-2025”

PI: Eyad Masad

  • “Proactive Resilience Plan (PReP): An Integrated Framework Applied to Critical Economic Sectors”

PI: Michael McShane, Co-PIs: Nicolaas Deutz, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, Gerard Cote, Jack Mortazavi

  • “Minimally-Invasive Technology for Personalized Nutritional Monitoring”

PI: Richard Miles, Co-PIs: Rodney Bowersox, Arthur Dogariu, Jay Grinstead, Albina Tropina

  • “Characterization of High Enthalpy Flows and Ablation Products Surrounding Hypersonic Platforms”

PI: Richard Miles, Co-PIs: James Creel, Arthur Dogariu, Jay Grinstead, Nathan Tichenor

  • “TA-1, Task Order 2 FY23: Wholistic Flow Field Physics”

PI: Richard Miles, Co-PIs: Nancy Currie-Gregg, Arthur Dogariu, Diego Donzis, Jay Grinstead, Nathan Tichenor

  • “TA-1, Task Order 1 FY23: Distortion Prediction and Guide Star Development”

PI: Jim Morel

  • “TRIAD Weapons: An Experimental Program For Assessment, Measurement, and Mitigation of Corrosion in Chloride Salt Melts”

PI: Jason O’Kane, Co-PIs: Nasir Gharaibeh, Anand Puppala, Scott Schaefer

  • “Automated and Robotic Inspection of Flood Control Systems”

PI: Zheng O’Neill

  • “PIRE: Building Decarbonization via AI-Empowered District Heat Pump Systems”

PI: Zheng O’Neill, Co-PIs: Bryan Rasmussen

  • “Efficient Drying Processes of High-Quality Wood through Intelligent Desiccant Assisted Heat Pump System Innovations”

PI: Zhijian Pei, Co-PIs: Shawna Fletcher, Brian Shaw

  • “FRMG: Eco: CAS-Climate: Sustainable Manufacturing Using Living Organisms and Agriculturally Derived Materials”

PI: Anand Puppala

  • “Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) for Integration of Composites in Infrastructure (CICI) — Phase III”

PI: Anand Puppala

  • “University Transportation Centers Program — National Center for Infrastructure Transformation”

PI: Anand Puppala, Co-PIs: James Kaihatu, Jens Figlus

  • “University Transportation Centers Program — Coastal Research and Education Actions for Transportation Equity (CREATE)”

PI: Anand Puppala, Co-PI: Maria Koliou

  • “University Transportation Centers Program — South Plains Transportation Center (SPTC)”

PI: Shreya Raghavan, Co-PI: Alexandra Walsh

  • “3D Engineered Model of Microscopic Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis for Adjuvant Chemotherapy Screens”

PI: Petros Sideris, Co-PIs: Manish Dixit, Zachary Grasley, Maria Koliou, Anand Puppala, Wei Yan

  • “Hempcrete 3D Printed Buildings for Sustainability and Resilience”

PI: David Staack

  • “Mobile e-Beam Design, Acquisition and Research”

PI: David Staack, Co-PI: Micah Green

  • “Task3: OTR Reactor Design, Testing and Scaling”

PI: Limei Tian

  • “Continuous Metabolite and Protein Profiling for Immune Monitoring”

PI: John Valasek

  • “Enhancing the Cycle-of-Learning for Autonomous Systems to Facilitate Human-Agent Teaming”

PI: Xiubin Wan, Co-PI:  Yunlong Zhang

  • “University Transportation Center for Freight Transportation for Efficient and Resilient Supply Chain (FERSC)”

PI: Taylor Ware

  • “Deploying Intracortical Electrode Arrays to Record and Stimulate in a Tissue Volume”

PI: R. Stanley Williams, Co-PIs: Raymundo Arroyave, Perla Balbuena, Sabajit Banerjee, Marcetta Darensbourg, Kim Dunbar, George Pharr, Xiaofeng Qian, Patrick Shamberger

  • “Reconfigurable Electronic Materials Inspired by Nonlinear Neuron Dynamics (REMIND)”

PI: Bahman Yazdani, Co-PIs: Mehdi Azizkhani, Juan Carlos Baltazar, Ahmet Ugursal

  • “HAS LOA19 IAH CUP & Term D Resiliency”

PI: Bahman Yazdani, Co-PIs: Mehdi Azizkhani, Juan Carlos Baltazar, David Claridge, Ahmet Ugursal

  • “TO 2. Implementation of Equipment Upgrades and Energy Efficiency Measures”

PI: Behbood Zoghi

  • “TRIAD ST&E: Distance Engineering Technical Management Degree Program”