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Space Engineering Institute (SEI) students from the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University participated in the 22nd Annual Career and Education Day at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston Feb. 9. The annual event, sponsored by the Houston Hispanic Forum, is designed to educate students and their parents in career choices, college preparation and financial aid opportunities. Students from grades 6 through 12 had the opportunity to meet with representatives from engineering, education, law, finance, management, banking, public relations and graphic design. The members of SEI, including four graduate student mentors and Director Magda Lagoudas organized four one-hour presentations based on their team projects. The topics ranged from building a space habitat with robots to remote operation of vehicles in space. In addition, eight students from Bryan High School’s ninth-grade class joined the SEI students on the trip. These students are members of the SEI outreach program, which began in September 2007. During each session, the students presented information on different engineering majors, discussed technical SEI projects and held a panel discussion. Students from the Department of Nuclear Engineering and engineers from Shell Oil Corp. helped SEI students answer questions from the audience. The presentations concluded with the Bryan High School students presenting their LEGO robot designs. In addition to the four panel sessions, the students represented the Look College at an exhibition booth. Students handed out brochures, demonstrated the 3-D glasses of the SEI tele-operation project and presented animations from the robotics project. Through this forum, more than 1,500 parents and students from the Houston area learned about Texas A&M Engineering. For more information on the TEES Space Engineering Institute, please call (979) 845-8768. For more information about the HHF or Career and Education Day, please call (713) 522-8077 or visit Houston Hispanic Forum.