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Vendor Invoices

Enter the Supplier Invoice Number exactly as it appears on the invoice, including extra spaces. You are limited to 14 characters so if the vendor invoice number exceeds the 14-character limit, start at the right side of the number and count backwards to 14 characters.

  • Example 1: 147-851-74AT
    This is less than 14 characters so enter exactly as it appears (include special characters)
  • Example 2: A 1547895
    This has an extra space but enter exactly as it appears: A 1547895 If this invoice had what appeared to be more than one space between the A and the 1, only leave one space.
  • Example 3: 00010000015463FJ
    This is too long so enter just the last 14 characters: 010000015463FJ

Employee/Student Reimbursements

Employee/student reimbursements do not have invoices and need to follow these guidelines when entering:

  • One receipt per AggieBuy Invoice
  • Supplier Invoice number = employee last name followed by 6-character date of purchase (mmddyy). No spaces, dashes, or hyphens. AggieBuy will only accept 14 characters in this field so we need to keep the supplier invoice number very compact (i.e., no special characters). If the last name is more than eight characters, just use the first 8 letters of the last name plus the 6 digit date.
    • Example 1: a receipt from October 25, 2016 purchased by Karen Gregory would be entered as Gregory102516
    • Example 2: a receipt from July 3, 2017 purchased by Bob Smith-Anderson would be entered as Smithand070317 (notice you drop the hyphen)
    • Example 3: a receipt dated May 21, 2017 purchased by Fred Zhou Kuman would be entered as Zhoukuma052117 (notice if employee has two last names but without a hyphen, start with the first last name and add the second if you have enough characters).
  • Invoice date = Date you are entering into AggieBuy
  • Non-PO Goods Rcvd Date = Date you are entering into AggieBuy (this is to make sure we don’t remit prompt pay interest to the employee)
  • If the same employee had multiple reimbursable purchases on the same day, then put an “A” at the end of the invoice # for the second receipt. Remember, this will be a separate non-po based invoice in AggieBuy. Example: Smithan070317A (because of the A at the end, we can fit one less character of Bob’s hyphenated last name of Smith-Anderson – i.e., 7 characters, not 8 this time). Put B at the end for the third invoice number.

Other Vendor Invoices without an Invoice Number

Various other non-employee/student vendors may not have a vendor supplied invoice number but like Buy A&M, AggieBuy requires the supplier invoice number field to be completed (max is 14 characters). You can continue inputting a department created number as you have in the past or other suggestions include:

  • On stipends, Homeland Security payments, memberships to an organization, etc. consider using the last name of the individual and a date (i.e., Mullens0617)
  • Or you can use the AggieBuy document number assigned by the system - across the top label “Advanced Manual Entry (Doc. No. xxxxxx)”

Screen shot of an Account Payable page indicating document number on top right.