Wellness Release Time

Wellness Release Time (WRT) provides all full-time, benefits-eligible employees the opportunity to use 30 minutes of their regular work hours, up to three (3) times a week, to exercise or participate in physical fitness activities.  Wellness Release Time affords employees time to focus on physical activity to reap the health benefits which in turn helps maintain a healthy workforce.  

General Guidelines

  • Employees and their supervisor should work together to establish an appropriate arrangement for the use of WRT along with any applicable work schedules.
  • Prior to participation in WRT, employees are encouraged to consult with a physician before undertaking any physical activity program.
  • Physical Fitness Activities are considered any activity designed to maintain or improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, or cardiovascular fitness and to sustain or increase physical fitness.
  • WRT is paid time which does not have to be made up.  It may not be accrued, carried over or banked.
  • WRT is not considered work time for purposes of Workers’ Compensation.  Injuries that may result during participation will not be treated as work-related injuries.
  • When feasible, WRT should be taken in conjunction with the start or end of the work day or an addition to the lunch break.

Acknowledgement Form

Specifics of the WRT arrangement are established between the employee and their immediate supervisor.  Employees will acknowledge their participation on the Wellness Release Time Acknowledgement form which will be kept in the employee’s personnel file.  WRT participation will remain in effect as agreed upon by the employee and supervisor until specific circumstances require a reevaluation.

TEES and College of Engineering Wellness Acknowledgement Form


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