The Classification and Compensation Office oversees the compensation program benefiting employees of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) and College of Engineering. Our program encourages competitive pay practices to ensure internal and external equity is maintained. It is the philosophy of our office to provide the highest degree of professionalism and consult with the division to develop a plan that best meets operational needs. We will strive to expedite requests to assure continuity of workflow for the division. It is our responsibility to:

  • establish compensation levels for positions on the basis of responsibilities and duties performed,
  • administer pay equitably and consistently,
  • comply with university standards and government regulations,
  • administer the compensation program in a fair manner within funding availability,
  • administer classification of positions, and;
  • consult on developing job descriptions, reclassification of positions and creating new positions.

Texas A&M System-wide Pay Plan 

This standardized collection of titles and associated market-based pay structures is designed to be used across the entire A&M System.

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Annual Compensation Process

Position reclassifications, promotions, equity, and one time merit requests are coordinated with the division director through Engineering Human Resources.

Processes and Guides

Access the process instructions below or contact the Classification and Compensation Office with any questions you have regarding:

Additional Information


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