Medical Benefit for A&M System Employees

What is 2nd.MD? (Watch the Video)

Chancellor John Sharp announced a new medical benefit to make it easier and quicker for eligible A&M System employees, retirees, and covered dependents to obtain a second medical opinion at no additional cost.

2nd.MD is a benefit that allows Texas A&M employees to speak to expert doctors by phone or video to get advice on any current medical issue—like the need for surgery, existing treatment plans or help with a new medical diagnosis. 2nd.MD is fast and hassle-free service. They can connect you with one of the top doctors in the country in less than a week’s time. Employees and dependents enrolled in any of the A&M System Care Plans are eligible for 2nd.MD. It costs you $0 to use.

The Texas A&M System is the first public entity in the nation to offer 2nd.MD to its employees, retirees, and their dependents.

2nd.MD works with over 400 physicians who specialize in everything from back pain to zinc toxicity. If you have any current or ongoing medical issue, 2nd.MD can help. The specialists can offer a second opinion, whether it’s for a recent diagnosis, when considering surgery or evaluating a change in treatment or medication, usually within 72 hours of contacting 2nd MD. After a specialist reviews a patient’s health records, the patient can consult the doctor at an agreed upon time either by phone or video conference.

Employees, retirees and their dependents covered by the A&M Care Plan, J Plan or 65 Plus Plan are eligible for this benefit. More details are available in Chancellor Sharp’s letter, along with this set of frequently asked questions. 

To get started using this program, go to https://2nd.md/tamus. Click the “Activate” button. Enter your email address as listed in HR Connect, and follow the instructions outlined through 2nd.MD.

Please contact Engineering Human Resources at engineeringhr@tamu.edu if you have questions about this innovative program.

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