Texas A&M Engineering Staff Awards

Staff members are critical to the success and advancement of Texas A&M Engineering.  Now is your opportunity to recognize the outstanding service and unique contributions of dedicated employees of the College of Engineering and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) through the annual Texas A&M Engineering Staff Awards.  Supervisors, co-workers and peers have the opportunity to nominate an individual for these awards, which serve to identify and recognize those key individuals that routinely demonstrate professional excellence.

Award Recipients 

2018 Award Recipients

Staff Award Categories

Nomination Submission Instructions

  • Nominations must be submitted by current staff or faculty of the Texas A&M Experiment Station or College of Engineering.  Retirees, employees from other system members, family and friends are not eligible to submit nominations.
  • Engineering Human Resources will contact the nominee's department/division head for approval of the nomination.
  • Eligible nominations include all non-faculty employees to include administrative, managerial, research, professional, support and technical staff.
  • All nomination information must be complete.  Any nomination with incomplete information will not be considered.
  • An employee may submit more than one nomination, but only one employee can be submitted per award category.  For example, Dan can submit three nominations for three different categories but each category must be a different employee.
  • Criteria and nomination questions for awards are indicated by each category below.
  • Nominations are due February 28.
  • Recipients will be notified in April.

Tips and Pointers

  • Answers must be work related and should not include volunteer or extracurricular activities not related to work.
  • Provide as much information as possible pertaining to each specific question.
  • Include examples with details.
  • Make sure all questions are answered and complete.
  • Review your information before submitting.


 Selection Committee Guidelines

The Staff Awards Committee will consist of 15 staff employees from various job categories: Professional, Managerial, Support, Technical and Administrative.  Of those 15 employees six will be from Departments, six will be from Centers/Divisions and three will be from Central Administration.  All Departments, Centers/Divisions and Administrative units are set up on a rotation schedule for selection each year.

The committee will be divided into four sub-committees representing each type of staff award: Key Contributor, New Employee, Staff Excellence and Engineering Team.  The sub-committee will review all eligible nominations and determine their top candidate as a collective body.  The sub-committee will then address the committee at-large with their final candidate for an official review and vote.

Department head and supervisors will be notified of the recipients.

Recipients will be notified in April and awarded in May.

Selection Timeline

January - committee selected
February – nominations submitted
March – data collection finalized for selection committee, selection committee begin review
April – final candidates determined, department/division head and supervisors notified
May – recipients awarded at faculty and staff banquet and recognized at ESAC staff workshop

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