Staff Excellence Award

The Staff Excellence Award focuses on an employee who has been employed in the  engineering program for at least three years.  This employee will be recognized for demonstrating outstanding service and performance.

Award Criteria

  • Must be a full-time budgeted employee with three or more years of service with Texas A&M Engineering.  (TEES or College non-faculty position).  Grad Students and Student workers are not eligible for this award.
  • Must have a current performance evaluation on file with a rate of "Proficient" or higher.
  • Must have completed required trainings as of March 1
  • Has not received any disciplinary action in the past two years
  • Recipients will be eligible for nomination to receive the Staff Excellence Award again after four years from the date of winning the award

Recipients Receive

Award plaque
$1,000 check per employee
Number of Recipients - 7

Nomination Questions

Nominator will be required to answer these questions about the nominee during the online award submission:

  1. Assume that you are introducing this person to a group of co-workers, what characteristics would you want to include that describe your nominee?
  2. Please give detailed examples regarding the uniqueness of the nominee's service within their work unit / Engineering Program.
  3. Describe a scenario where the nominee demonstrated outstanding performance and attribute the impact such effort had on the work unit / Engineering Program.

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