Quentin Baker recognized as College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni

May 18, 2018
| By: Jennifer Reiley

Quentin Baker, Class of ’78 graduate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, was recently recognized as a 2018 College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni Honor Award Recipient, an honor he said he was stunned and honored to receive.

“We have so many qualified and capable Aggie engineers, this is an incredible honor to be named an outstanding alumni,” he said.

Baker (pictured right), president of Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc., has 40 years of experience in risk and hazards analysis, research and development. He serves as a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Industry Advisory Council (IAC), which he said has a critical part for the department. One role council members play is to provide feedback on what industry is looking for in graduating engineers.

“What do (the graduates) really need in terms of their training, their coursework, their capabilities?” Baker said. “Industry gets to say, ‘Hey, for our current situation, we would like engineers to be better in these areas.’ And the emphasis shifts over time, which is good. The department needs to stay current.”

Baker said the proof of success is in the high demand for Aggie engineers after graduation.

“Employers know when (the Aggie students) come in, they’re qualified and they know how to work,” he said.

Baker said IAC members can also make suggestions to the department to make it a better organization, as many members come from management, company ownership roles and entrepreneurial roles.

Baker said one highlight of the job is visiting campus throughout the year. When he graduated in 1978, he was one of 80 mechanical engineers in his class. Although the growth causes some feelings of crowding, he said he has found the department to still be as tightknit as it was when he was in school.

“The department is near and dear to all of our hearts,” Baker said. “It’s a special place for us and it’s important to us to have contact with students and see what they’re doing. That’s one of the highlights of the IAC meetings is getting the students in and seeing what they’re doing.”

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