Morel receives Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award for research contributions

March 2, 2017
| By: Robert (Chris) Scoggins

MorelDr. Jim E. Morel, director of the Center for Large-Scale Scientific Simulations (CLASS) and professor of nuclear engineering at Texas A&M University, has been recognized as a recipient of the Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award. The award recognizes key contributions within the field of computational methods and its applications to the field of nuclear engineering.

The award is presented by the Mathematics and Computation Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Morel was designated as a recipient for his contributions to the development of discretization and multi-level solution techniques for neutral and charged particle transport on unstructured and structured meshes with adaptive refinement, Monte Carlo methods and hybrid deterministic methods, as well as discretization and solution techniques for the radiation-hydrodynamics equations. In April, Morel will provide a presentation on some of his research at a banquet hosted by the International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering in Korea.

Morel’s contributions to both the Department of Nuclear Engineering and the field of nuclear engineering are well documented. Morel has served as the director of CLASS for 10 years, facilitating and promoting multidisciplinary multiphysics computational research collaborations among Texas A&M faculty across a broad range of departments, as well as collaborative work among other universities and national laboratories. Morel has been a professor at Texas A&M since 2005, where he has taught both undergraduate and graduate engineering courses and continued to pursue research in the areas of computational transport methods, computational radiation-hydrodynamics methods and computational multiphysics methods.

Prior to his service at Texas A&M, Morel served as a staff member group leader and in a variety of other positions within Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), providing direction for research projects, project leadership and other duties. Morel’s established career has also included service at Sandia National Laboratories, among other positions. Morel has previously been recognized as a Fellow of ANS and received the Department of Energy Weapons Program Award of Excellence and the LANL Distinguished Performance Award.

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