Texas A&M collaborating with Army Research Lab in creation of ARL South

December 1, 2016
| By: Aubrey Bloom

The Texas A&M University System is collaborating with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in establishing ARL South.

“The Texas A&M System looks forward to this collaboration with one of the premier research labs in the nation in the service of our armed forces. Texas A&M University is proud to be the civilian institution that graduates the largest number of trained officers and Texas A&M Engineering is one of the largest engineering programs in the nation. This collaboration will enable us to further our research contributions in a unique environment of co-creation,” said Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp.

ARL South will leverage regional expertise and facilities throughout the south central region to accelerate discovery, innovation and transition of science and technology in support of the Department of Defense's Third Offset Strategy and the Army of 2050.

"ARL's plan is to locate research staff at key locations in the U.S. such as the south central region. This extension of ARL to the nation's innovation hubs will allow us to establish new relationships with other researchers in academia and industry," said Dr. Philip Perconti, acting ARL director.

Perconti said the global academic community, industry, small businesses and other government laboratories benefit from this kind of engagement through "collaboration with ARL's specialized research staff and unique technical facilities as well as its understanding of Army technology needs."

The initial focus areas of ARL South will be primarily materials and manufacturing, including additive manufacturing, biosciences, energy and power. Research in cyber sciences and intelligent systems will also be included.

The headquarters of ARL South will be located on The University of Texas campus in Austin.

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