Turbomachinery Laboratory increases recognition efforts in China

August 17, 2016
| By: Brooke Conrad

Dr. Luis San Andrés, Mast-Childs Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the associate director of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station's Turbomachinery Laboratory, just completed a two-week trip to China where he visited various universities with research programs related to high-performance turbomachinery. 

San Andrés was the plenary speaker at ROTDYN 2016, the 12th Biannual National Rotordynamics Academic Seminar held in the city of Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.  He also presented technical seminars at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), Harbin Institute of Technology and Hunan University. Practicing engineers from industries such as Shenyang Blowers Work Groups, Hunan Sund Industrial and Technological Co., AVIAC and the Chinese Aerospace Agency attended the lectures. 

San Andrés also toured the new facilities of Hunan Sund, a top manufacturer of fluid film bearings located in Xiantang, as well as the CRRC Zhuzhou Motor Co. plant that is engaged in manufacturing megawatt-scale electric motors for high-speed trains and generators used in wind turbines.  According to San Andrés, both are world-class industries dedicated to continuous innovation.

Turbo Lab China Group Photo

While visiting these industries and universities, San Andrés also promoted the numerous continuing education activities the Turbo Lab hosts, namely the 2016 Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia (TPS) to be held Sept. 12-15 in Houston,Texas, and the Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium (ATPS) returning to Singapore in March 2018. TPS and ATPS are recognized by industry leaders as the premier venues for educating and training young practicing engineers in the fields of rotating machinery design, construction, operation and troubleshooting. Various Chinese manufacturers are slated to have exhibits at TPS 2016, and several Chinese engineering faculty and students are expected to attend.

Photo: Attendees at ROTDYN 2016, the 12th National Rotordynamics Academic Seminar. Seated in the first row are the most noted rotordynamicists in China. Front row, center: Dr. San Andrés, associate director of the Turbomachinery Laboratory.



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