NSC, nuclear engineering receive DOE grants

July 23, 2010
| By: Aubrey Bloom

July 20, 2010—The Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University and the TEES Nuclear Science Center were awarded $737,136 in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The grants were part of approximately $18.2 million awarded to help educate the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers, and to strengthen nuclear research and education capabilities at U.S. universities and colleges.

The department will receive $286,000 for "general scientific infrastructure." Monies from the grant will be used to purchase new equipment to integrate with existing pieces to create a portable imaging suite consisting of a high-speed camera, two thermal imagers (one for research, one for classroom) and an ultrasonic imaging system. The imaging suite will be available for use by the entire nuclear engineering department, and will promote advances in curricular enhancements, develop undergraduate research experiences, increase faculty research capabilities and promote public outreach.

The funding given to the Nuclear Science Center was part of the "major reactor upgrades" projects. The $451,136 grant is earmarked for a cooling tower replacement, new fire alarm system, whole body exit monitor, airborne material control and facility air monitoring system at the reactor. The upgrade will provide necessary enhancements so the facility can continue its commitment to research, safety and security.

Through its Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP), the DOE is providing $5 million in scholarships and fellowships to 117 U.S. nuclear science and engineering students, and nearly $13.2 million to 39 U.S. universities and colleges to purchase new equipment or to upgrade their research reactors. Scholarship and fellowship recipients will be announced in August.

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