Sanchez-Sinencio receives Technical Achievement Award from IEEE's CASS

June 6, 2008
| By: Aubrey Bloom

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Dr. Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio has received the Technical Achievement Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Circuits and Systems Society. Sanchez-Sinencio, the TI J. Kilby Chair Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, received the award "for continuous outstanding technical contributions for nearly three and half decades to analog and mixed signal integrated circuits, computer-aided circuit design, neural network implementations, continuous-time filters and RF transceivers, emphasizing theoretical and practical aspects ranging from analog circuit fundamentals to applied areas such as built-in testing circuits and ultra wide band receivers. And for sustained leadership efforts in developing a research group, promoting circuits and systems through text books, research publications, and numerous CAS Society technical and BoG committees/editorial/conference activities." Sanchez-Sinencio's research interests are in the areas of continuous-time integrated circuits, analog built-in testing, low-voltage/low-power mixed signal circuits and RF communication circuits. He leads the analog and mixed-signal group and is director of the Analog and Mixed-Signal Center in the Texas Engineering Experiment Station, the engineering research agency of the State of Texas and a member of The Texas A&M University System. Sanchez-Sinencio is a Fellow of the IEEE. Among his numerous awards are the 1997 IEEE Circuits and Systems Darlington Award; the 1996 IEEE Circuits and Systems Outstanding Young Author Award (with graduate student Alex Reyes); and the 1995 IEEE Circuits and Systems Guillemin-Cauer Award for his work on cellular networks. In 1996, Sanchez-Sinencio received the Texas Senate Proclamation No. 373 for outstanding accomplishments in recognition of his research. INAOE awarded him its first honorary doctorate in 1995. The purposes of the IEEE CASS are scientific, literary and educational in character, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, and allied branches of engineering or the related arts and science, in order to increase the professional standing of the members and affiliates.

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