Young Investigator Programs

Young Investigator Programs are for junior faculty who are untenured, Assistant Professors. Resources are available including CAREER/YIP workshops and seminars, proposal assistance, writing resources, and junior faculty targeted funding opportunities.

Junior Faculty Targeted Funding Opportunities - This spreadsheet contains numerous funding opportunities for junior faculty in Engineering.

Young Investigator Awards - This spreadsheet lists early career and young investigator awards (general list).

College of Engineering New Junior Faculty Bootcamp Fall 2017 - Led by Dr. Narasimha Reddy, Associate Dean for Research, and Dr. Victor Ugaz, Director of TEES Research Development, the bootcamp for new Engineering junior faculty combines available proposal writing resources across campus with additional opportunities for you as engineering faculty to meet your Associate Dean for Research in several lunch meetings themed on proposal writing resources on Oct. 20 (Funding Agencies), Nov. 3 (Write a Compelling Proposal Narrative), and Dec. 8 (EASA Engineering Education programs).  Click on the link above to view the complete list of opportunities.

Writing Resources - The Resources section of the website contains proposal development resources.

Proposal Assistance

TEES is committed to assisting our faculty in developing their grantsmanship to produce the best, most competitive proposal submissions to a variety of funding agencies. Assistance varies from phone calls, face-to-face meetings, to fully participating on development of a proposal and covers items such as strategic planning, facilitating partnerships for education or research links, assisting with broader impacts, critical edits and reviews, and one-on-one workdays to springboard your proposal.

Funding Opportunities

As you become familiar with submitting proposals to various agencies in search of funding for your research and education efforts, it will become important to find information about a potential funding program as soon as it becomes available to give you the lead time needed to develop a competitive proposal. Our weekly newsletter includes a partial list of new available funding opportunities. Don’t forget to ask your peers and departmental faculty for their suggestions on funding sources. 

Proposal Development Resources

The Proposal Development Resources link will also help you learn the proposal development process to help you get started as well as a wealth of important information for you to consider during the development of your proposal. Also learn helpful information such as what the procedures are if the proposal is a Limited Submission, when should you contact the SRS office for budget assistance, and why you should keep your department head informed of your proposal submission plans.



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