The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has developed a process to ensure that all research is conducted in compliance with export control regulations. This process involves:

  • Conducting a thorough review of proposals, projects, and contract provisions to determine if and how a particular research project is subject to export control regulations
  • Managing export-controlled research to ensure that it is conducted in full compliance with the law
  • Providing information and training sessions to all TEES investigators, employees, and research administrators on the subject of export controls

This process involves a cooperative mutual gains effort between Principal Investigators and TEES Research Services.

Principal Investigators
The PI has the best understanding on his or her research and therefore the best information as to whether the particular technology, data, or information involved in the research is or may be covered by export control regulations.  The PI is responsible for doing the following:

  • The PI should carefully review the information on export controls provided on this website. Additionally training on export controls is provided by TEES Research Services and is available to PIs, departments, Centers, and departmental administrators.
  • During the proposal and negotiation stage of their research project, the PI should determine whether any export control issues are relevant to their project.
  • If any issues are identified, the PI should contact TEES Research Services for help with determining whether any export control restrictions may apply to the research
  • After the project has begun, the PI should notify TEES Research Services prior to implementing any changes that may give rise to the application of export controls, such as a change in the scope of work or the addition of new staff to the project.
  • If any export controls issues are identified at the proposal or negotiation stage by TEES Research Services, the PI is strongly encouraged to the respective administrator to determine the application of export control regulations to the research.
  • If it is determine that export controls apply to the project, the PI must adhere strictly to any applicable restrictions and cooperate fully with TEES's efforts to monitor compliance.

TEES Research Services
The Research Compliance Officer, Brian Ridenour, is the primary person at TEES responsible for working with PIs and addressing their questions and concerns associated with export controls. In addition, TEES Research Services is responsible for the following with respect to export controls:

  • Work with PIs at the proposal stage to identify any export control issues presented by the proposed research and will assist the PI in determining whether export control regulations apply to the project.
  • Will review research agreements for export control language and for terms or provisions that restrict access to or prohibit publication of research results, limit the participation of foreign nationals in the research, or void the fundamental research exclusion.
  • If provisions that restrict the dissemination of information cannot be eliminated during negotiations, and if no exclusions or exemptions are applicable, Research Services will consult with the PI to determine whether the technology or other material to be used in the research is included on the Commerce Control List or the US Munitions List.
  Export Controls  

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